Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming Together

Our family participates in a homeschooling co op specifically for Tapestry of Grace. We are currently finishing up Year 3 Unit 4. It has been a year of blessings and challenges with the curriculum and the co op. As a co op we have areas that need to be tweaked to get back on track, such as clear expectations and accountability for everyone and a renewal of commitment. We just had our first Mom meeting to begin planning for our Year 4. We took a look back at the year and what we accomplished and how to move forward stronger.

There are some challenges to being part of a co op. One such challenge is getting our school work accomplished in four days rather than five days so that we can attend co op. Part of that challenge is deciding what to cover for the week and what not to cover because the curriculum is so rich. Another challenge is staying disciplined. Discipline keeps us moving through the study, on task and even includes making the effort to arrive on time for co op. I believe God placed me in this co op to help me stay on task and to create accountability in our homeschooling. Then of course there are challenges to working with many different families, but all with like minds. We mesh a diverse group of personalities together and through God's grace it all comes together like a beautiful dance.

With all of the challenges co op brings, for our family,the benefits far surpass them. Co op enables us all to stay on task, pulling us along sometimes kicking and screaming, but we are out of the early American history era and still moving forward!. Co op provides invaluable fellowship with other families and for me, moms who "get" me and understand what it is that we are trying to do for our families. Crafts abound for the younger ones in co op which is a good thing since one time I hot glued myself to a light switch cover! I know very well that all of the glitter,glue, clay and paint would not come out often at our house. I am thankful that craft time and all the planning that comes with it, is a part of our co op.

We also have Unit Celebrations that just would not be the same done with just our family. We have had a Square Dance and potluck supper, gone on a field trip to see a Civil War reenactment, experienced a South American Fiesta complete with a guest speaker who is a missionary in Brazil, and will soon be traveling back in time to Ellis Island during the time of the great immigration to America.

All in all, co op is a wonderful coming together of like minded families to extend the richness of the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. We are grateful to be traveling through this curriculum with these unique families. It is truly a blessing to come together once a week, even though the effort to do so is tremendous, the reward is amazing.

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