Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Final Four

I know this title is a teaser, I am not talking basketball right now. I love the NCAA tournament and all of the excitement it brings this time of year, especially since I am a TARHEEL! I am referring to the final four days that my dear husband will be spending with our family before deployment. I have heard through the Army wives' grapevine that it may begin sometime this upcoming week, but as with everything Army you have to be flexible. So I have started thinking of all that I want to do in the final four days with him. Go out to eat at favorite restaurants, play with the kids, get together with friends, watch a favorite movie, TALK, laugh, go for walks, do laundry...pack again and repack, TALK, go over lists of to dos and not to dos...

I am apprehensive about the time coming so quickly too. I know once it is here, it will be gone and that is it! So now I need to get a plan, ask God for guidance, get preparing for the joyous homecoming/departure and get my love tank full by spending time with God in preparation for my husband's four days here. Four days, they will feel so normal, like nothing has changed, but they will be so different, a hello and a good-bye at the same time. What would you do with your sweetie if you had four days? What would matter, what would fall away, what little things would you over look if you only had four days?

My Prayer:
Please Lord equip me, give me wisdom, let us soak up every minute of the time, help me to watch out for too high of expectations, but also not take for granted what time we have. Help me Lord to see the "stressers" for him and the encouragement he needs. Help us to know how to help the kids, what to say, how to say it...Lord just walk with us as I know you will and let's do this the FINAL FOUR!

I will be posting pictures later of our trip to Charlottesville and some neat pictures from our Tapestry of Grace co-op dialectic class and the display board projects the students completed, oh and some Upward photos thrown in as well.