Sunday, September 2, 2012

The problem with time...

Does anybody else get overwhelmed by how fast time goes by?  I have been looking at pictures from the past years and thinking about how long it has been since...or how many years we have been... and I cannot believe how fast time goes by without me noticing.  Another reminder to try to slow things down and relax a bit and enjoy the time as it is actually passing.  It is so hard to remember that, when I am in the day to day grind of things.Then I have an aha moment, and I realize what I am doing and the need to take notice of the activity that is going on around me.

I have taken several deliberate steps so far to really enjoy this school year with the kids:

1.) Get every time saver, schedule helper in place now-  here are examples of a few things I have done, self-grading math programs for the younger crowd, pre-printed handouts for Tapestry of Grace,set up files for each week of Tapestry of Grace now, research crock pot recipes and use the crock pot, let others plan and cook dinner

2.)  play lots more games with the kids, board games, review games for school, family game night

3.)  more laughing, any time things are funny or even not so funny try laughing, lots of laughter

4.)  less stress, a little more mess and ease up on the reins of control-I don't have to be the one who is doing it all, all of the time, delegate and look the other way and smile when others do the chores around the house

Well, it is a short list, but it is my attempt to take real steps at enjoying the new school year that stretches out before our family with such promise.  I want to be present in every moment of it!