Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time out!

I need a time out, you know the kind you get when you are running around crazy in a game of tag and you almost get caught and you yell TIME OUT! Things around our house are in overdrive and trying to get a schedule going is just not working out as easily as I had thought it would. My Dad fell and injured himself seriously, one of my children is battling allergies terribly this week and everyone else is just moving like we are in JELLO. Will we master division, will George Washington survive the Revolutionary war, are all Bob Books so much fun ? I am so glad that I know this too will pass, but man, I need a TIME OUT! I also remember playing tag and to keep from getting caught you could sit down and say the name of a cartoon show! Wouldn't that be great if we could do that now! Well, school is winding down for the year, testing is going on, spring fever is in high gear and life is crazy, but it is life and I am glad to be living it, even if it is crazy. Captain Caveman!!! Phew...I am safe! Hope you have a great day playing tag too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You

Today is Dear husband's birthday. I am honored to have celebrated 19 of his birthday days with him! I hope he enjoys his Baskin Robbins today. I am remembering his special day and how much I love and appreciate him today and every day. We will not be together for the traditional candle wish, but I bet I can guess what that wish would be! Happy, happy sweetie!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's About Time!

O.K., I have one final post before turning in for the night or the morning...I promised my co-op class I would post their outstanding display board projects on my blog. They completed display boards with topics from colonial times covered in Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Unit 3. I am very proud of them and all of their hard work. They researched their topics, chose graphics for the boards and wrote up the research in an interesting way to make top notch display boards. These display boards represent their first attempt at a project like this for co-op and they are very good. The topics covered are Jamestown, Louis XIV, the economy during Colonial times, Pocahontas, the Cherokee Indians, and the Lost Colony. Great jobs kids! I am so proud of you...Enjoy their display boards.

Easter and a Special Birthday

We celebrated Easter with family this past weekend. The kids dyed Easter eggs at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house with their cousins.
We went to a huge Easter egg hunt and Spring festival sponsored by our church. We are talking over 10,000 eggs for the hunting! It was fun and a great distraction for me. My niece and nephew were with us as well and so was my Mom. Dear son and daughter climbed the rock wall, ringing the buzzer at the top and ate some cotton candy and snow cones. We had a great day outdoors. Easter Sunday was beautiful. We went to church and enjoyed Easter dinner out at a special restaurant with family.

I love Easter and the renewing of all of life around us during the Spring. It reminds me of the new life we have in Christ because of His resurrection Easter Sunday. I love the sense of new beginnings that Spring brings. Easter is a time to reflect on God's love for us and His overwhelming sacrifice on the Cross.

We also celebrated a very special birthday. Dear son's 13th Birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. We our now blessed with a teenager in our family! I remember that feeling of growing up so well! Good times, good times... We celebrated in grand style with balloons, a guitar cupcake cake and all of the trimmings. Really, he will do his celebrating with his friends in the days ahead. The family party was sweet and special with everyone reminiscing about the day he was born. This birthday day was special and started off with a special and unexpected call from Kuwait. What a present! Dear son never lost that smile all day long! What a great birthday. I am so happy to be the Mom of a Teenager!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catch Me If You Can! Part 2

This is part 2 of our great adventure doing lots of fun things with Dad, like eating at the Kanki and throwing baseball at Fort Bragg. We also gathered with family and church friends for a farewell barbecue supper! We packed in as much as possible in just a short amount of time. We have collected more memories for our mental scrapbook to help sustain all of us in the time ahead. Here are some more photos from some of the adventures including our time at Fort Bragg with dear Husband. It has been quite a ride!

We were stuffed after eating lunch at the Kanki. I think that lunch will go down in history as the most exciting and the quietest lunch ever! The kids were awestruck. Maybe I should take up Japanese cooking! I am not sure about those sharp knives...

Dear husband celebrating his birthday a little early, surprise honey, I got you! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Always connected, no matter where he is...amazing.

Our son learned the finer points of baseball catching and throwing from Dear Dad. He will start baseball in a couple of weeks and Dad wanted to get in some practicing with him

A quick photo with my sweetie!

Catch Me If You Can!

Talk about losing track of time! I haven't posted since March 21! So much has happened in such a short time period. I have a lot of catching up to do. First, our trip to Charlottesville with John while he went the JAG school was super. We had the best time staying in the downtown Charlottesville area and walking around the UVA campus in the snow. It was really cold the first part of the week and then it was in the 70's at the week's end. We visited beautiful Monticello while we were there. I fell in love with all things Charlottesville! The pizza escapes at Mellow Mushroom were yummy and fun for Mom and Dad. Our puppy Ginger did great on the trip. She is becoming quite the traveler and added to the adventure! Here are some photos of our fun filled and snowy adventure! My next post will be a continuation of catching up on events.