Monday, November 3, 2008

A new endeavor

I have never had a blog before, but I have kept a journal. I wanted to have a place to log our family's homeschooling journey and experiences. I have always said that I feel as though I am in the waiting room of life, waiting for the next thing the Lord would have me do or learn. I joke about making sure I behave myself in the "waiting room," thinking of all the less than behaviors I have seen while waiting for just about anything, the dentist, the doctor, the DMV, the line at the Walmart check out...

I look forward to sharing our adventures.

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Styrofoam Lady said...

I love you and your family and am always inspired by you. I'll love to "wait" with you. Thank you for doing this. Remember don't eat artichoke dip tonight...think, 1992. I'll see you to you sooner. Love to you, Styrofoam Lady