Monday, December 8, 2008

Surveying My Priorities

I want to take a minute and write about checking priorities during this typically busy Christmas holiday season. Really I started looking at priorities before Thanksgiving, knowing that Christmas tends to be a whirlwind of activities. I am trying to keep from getting overwhelmed by all the stuff of this time of year... It is easy to get bogged down quickly. I have worked hard to make school my priority with the kids, giving them my 100%...most of the time I have been able to. When I have to divide myself up into more pieces, things begin to slip. I have had to really pray and determine what activities are truly worthy of our time and energy right now and which ones can be dropped or skipped this year or maybe done in a different way. It is good to take a survey of priorities every once and awhile, really every I can see where we are headed in homeschooling, as a family and individually as well. Almost like a spring cleaning of the priorities in my life. I thank God for helping me sort them all out and for giving me the peace to let some things go... That's really the hardest part, realizing that it is o.k. not to do EVERYTHING!

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