Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I must say as one of my sons used to say, I am so "fruserated!" I have tried to get back in the school book groove again this week and everything just seems to be going wrong. I am still sick, but I did get to the doctor for some good old antibiotics. Hopefully those will start kicking in, but I just can't seem to get warm! It doesn't help that another Arctic blast is on its way to NC.

Then there is my trouble with getting my Unit 3 books for TOG. I still do not have them, so we are gleaning from TOG without the books this week. On top of that, some will not arrive when they do come because they are out of stock, so I am going to need to re-order those. I just found that out yesterday. I am trying to see what God would have me learn from everything this week. Flexibility maybe? Learning to make do with what I have? It is hard too with the extra accountability of our wonderful co-op, because the kids will not be as ready as they should be for it, and I can't cram everything in them in one day once I get some of the books. Lessons learned: order way before the time I need the books(I ordered the third week of December) and call every couple of days to make sure the order gets mailed out. Don't get bogged down so much by the curriculum that I panic when I do not have the resources. I also am examining whether these difficulties are road blocks to using this curriculum. I have loved TOG but this is my first year and it has been a bit of a struggle. I am praying through this, is the struggle worth the end results? What do I want the end results to be for my children? Well, now I have blogged my "fruserations" and as Elisabeth Elliot says I need to do the next thing.

Lord, help me in my frustration today and show me that as always You are in control, of everything, even not having textbooks when they are needed! Isaiah 26:3 "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts You."


NCLighthousekeeper said...

We are in a similar predicament - but it is OKAY!!! I can't order many books right now because the money just is not there. But we are filling in with books on my shelf, a quick run to the library for books on "topic", and the internet.... Read the threads at the very beginning of each week, look at the People list, then just find resources to learn about those things! It is really OKAY to not have the exact books assigned... yes, even at the high school level... because WE, the parents, are in control of our children's educations. You are on the right track when you say that you are trying not to let the curriculum control you! Your kids may have different facts or info to bring to Co-op discussion because they have use different resources than the rest of the kids. Tell them to be proud of that and to share what they have learned!

The Freeland Family said...

Let them find info on the internet about the people and places. That will fill in the gaps some. Also see about the library. (I know going somewhere when you're sick isn't high on the "want to do" list!) And yes, order early with TOG. Small company, not always in stock with everything. Or order with Am*zon. I'm praying for you. Hang in there! This is not scar your children for life, I promise!!!!!!!