Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pictures from Afar

Sharing some photos from my sweetie, remembering the brave fallen heroes KIA of the 30th HBCT at their memorial service. Praying for the families who lost their brave soldiers and for the long road they have ahead of them. Praying for the soldiers that continue on, that they be encouraged.

I am really thankful that we have the internet to stay connected to dear husband. It is amazing what a little bit of conversation and laughter can do for the morale of both soldier and family. Thank you for the internet dear Lord and for Skype!

My sweetie and his legal buddies over in the desert. They look pretty cool for temperatures around 110 degrees! What a handsome bunch of soldiers.

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NCLighthousekeeper said...

Great pictures, Becky. It makes it seem all the more real, doesn't it, when you see pictures of the guys doing there thing over there. The picture of the memorial service choked me up though. Doesn't take much these days. You guys are in my prayers.