Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ginger's Return

Our 10 month old yellow lab mix Ginger has returned from her extended time away at doggie boot camp! We are very happy to have her home once again with us. She is now peacefully sleeping in her crate...content to be with her family once again.
You can go to the link above on Youtube and see Ginger in a very funny video. She got to hang out with a lot of really cool dogs, and I think she learned a thing or two from them! She sure has better manners. Thank you Logan and the Johnston County street gang!

We ventured to the Millbrook Exchange dog park with her today. She loved running around with all of the other dogs during the work day for the park. She came back to us when it was time to go! I was very impressed!

When we got her home we gave her a very long and soapy bath with Dawn dish washing detergent! She is squeaky clean and smells great. She had a compressed raw hide bone and lots of hugs and pats and some ice cubes too!

Now I have to continue all of her training at home with a firm hand and authority. We will see...I believe I have it in me...I just have to find my pack leader mentality and we will be set!

Welcome home Ginger baby! We missed you so much! Sandy even missed you, I think!

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