Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Galloping Christmas Dog!

My camera is broken and until the company sends out the repaired one or a new one I decided to dig out a photo from last Christmas that I love. Hard to believe this puppy is now our big Ginger girl. She is embracing Christmas in a big way this year! She loves Christmas bows and garland and smelling all of the Christmas treats on the kitchen counter top. She has decided that dishtowels make great chew toys as well. She especially loves cute embroidered ones with neat little ball fringe, oh what fun! She has not quite figured out the stockings hung by the chimney with care, but I am just waiting for them to come crashing down along with the mantle garland. Tonight she almost made off with the Advent wreath on the kitchen table, candle and all, if not for a last minute save by dear son. Decking the halls has definitely been modified at our house this year. No glass ornaments on the tree and all bows with in Ginger range have been removed. In short Christmas has been Gingerfied and simplified.

Even though she has caused some disturbances in my usual Christmas decorating I am happy for the chaos she provides. She is a handful but I love it! It has helped me to really focus on why I put up the decorations in the first place and why it is so much fun to celebrate the season of Jesus' Birth. Funny how a tiny puppy grows up to be a 50 pound galloping dog that brings so much into your life. She is a good reminder of what is important this holiday season for our family...simply enjoying the Reason for this Season and remembering all the many, many blessings that we have.

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