Monday, August 30, 2010

School has begun!

We have several weeks under our belts as the new school year gets into full swing. We are getting ready to start week 4 of year 4 in Tapestry of Grace! My oldest has had one meeting time for his Biology and Spanish courses and my daughter has tried out for Nutcracker and awaits the announcement of parts for this family Christmas favorite.

Ready or not, school has definitely sprung around our house. I just keep telling myself to ease into the year and add a few things each week. I am being decidedly fierce about our calendar as individuals as well as a family. This time last year dear husband was in Iraq and we were in a flurry of activity. We also were anticipating his arrival home for R&R. Sometimes it seems like a dream that he is home with us now. I want to make sure that we have plenty of time to just be a family and continue to work on our re-connections as the new school year marches on and more and more things get going.

The kids have made a strong start. They are getting back into the world of schedules, books and reading! Anyone who uses the Tapestry of Grace curriculum knows that there is always plenty of reading to be done. Much prayer has gone into the start of this new school year. I have been reminded to add some interesting field trips and fun elective times into our schooling. I often get so involved in the nuts and bolts of school and schedule that I forget those things. My youngest is eight now and he has done many of those fun field trips as a toddler in a stroller. He needs to get to do them again as a curious eight year old.

I am thankful for the new school year and also thankful for the gentle pushes to extend myself and constantly be examining how to encourage my kids to excellence and fun. It is going to be a great year!

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