Thursday, February 26, 2009


The kids and I are getting ready to spend time with dear husband for the next week or so and I am so excited. Anticipation could not be greater right now! We will be in beautiful Charlottesville some of the time and looking forward to lots of field trips to Monticello, Mitchie's Tavern, Montpelier and more! The trip fits in great with what we are getting ready to study in Tapestry of Grace Y2. The revolutionary war is coming up and then all the way up to the Constitution. We will be walking around where Thomas Jefferson did, and I get so excited about these kinds of field trips. I love to feel and see and experience our great country's history. We will fill our days with the field trips while dear husband is in class at UVA.

Oh if you could slow time down and just live in slow motion for a little bit. I know that as we begin this trip before I know it the time will be over and we will be back to the normal routine. I have purposed to live in every minute so that I can really enjoy everything. There is a fine line between trying to make everything perfect, which can drive you crazy, and just trying to relax and enjoy the time together. I want all the usual things a mom wants, everyone to be kind and loving, to be well from sickness and to pay attention on the field trips, and to soak up the time with one another. Just a few things on my list that I am trying to "control" which is impossible!

So I will get on my knees and turn this precious gift of time with dear husband over to God and let it be what He makes it and rest in Him for the strength and knowledge to know what to do and when to do it. The list is so long... all the things we want to do and say and share. We will make great memories and have fun and it will be like he has never even been away from us. I am thankful for this gift. I will hold on to the memories of the time together and replay them over and over in my mind. I will post some fun pictures of the trip and time together later.

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