Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creek Days!

All of this wonderfully warm weather has made the kids dream about spring. School work is getting done quickly around here so there is time for outside play. The words "outside play" mean going in the woods and having a little creek time! The kids pull on the mucky boots and play clothes and disappear down through the woods for hours of imagination gone wild at the creek. There are boat races, survival games,camping and cooking and all kinds of adventures down at the creek. We have built wigwams in the woods and played pioneer. The best thing in a mom's eyes is the time spent with siblings not arguing, not in front of an electronic device but out in God's beautiful creation having fun, together! Even if they do not know it now, creek time is a gift because they are making memories they will cherish one day.

I just have to remember a good balance of play time outside and school work so we do not get...uh oh, BEHIND! You know that dreaded word this time of the year in homeschooling. We need to keep moving forward but not get too crazy. It is so tempting to spend all of our time outside, but school time is a great motivator for creek time. So, yeah for this advance look at spring time in Carolina!

I included the picture of Ginger, taken by my oldest son, because it makes me laugh out loud and that is a good thing! We should all try to laugh as often as possible.

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