Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 234th Birthday America! Our family has been enjoying a "vacation" at home this year over the 4th of July Holiday. We are near the end of our five days of family fun in our home, and I have enjoyed our time together celebrating our great nation's birthday. Red, white and blue are the colors of our vacation. I pulled out every patriotic thing we own and the kids have been wearing all of their red,white and blue regalia. One of our dogs is wearing her own patriotic gear as well.

We have been blessed with swimming in our neighbor's pool while they are out of town for the holiday weekend. We watch their kitty cats and get to swim. What a swap! Last night after swimming, we had some pizza and cheese dip and then a fabulous, free fireworks display, courtesy of our town just a short walk up the street. Our days have been filled with things I remember from my own childhood,talking with neighbors, bug spray, a little sunburn and lots of yummy summer time food. I made a family favorite, blueberry pound cake.

Today, in honor of the official day of Independence, we are grilling out burgers and corn on the cob and having sweet watermelon. Later the night sky will be filled once again with the bright light of our kids running around with sparklers and before that some silly string! The tournament of tailgate golf will continue this evening. Our oldest has pulled ahead, however a rule consultation has determined that yesterday's tournaments may be tossed out because points were not awarded correctly. Competition in our family is fierce!

We have tried to slow down and enjoy our kids and play hard with them the last several days. Honestly, I am pretty tired, but I am having fun and hoping that the kids will remember fun times at home with Mom and Dad. All the aches and pains of pool volleyball and crazy badminton will pay off one day when the kids are sitting around remembering the times we spent together as a family. We are truly blessed to live in a land of freedom and our family is so grateful to have my dear husband home with us to celebrate Independence day. Last year he was in the heat of Iraq away from all things family, it was just another day. We definitely are making up for that this year!

Happy Independence Day!

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NCLighthousekeeper said...

What a great idea! That sounds like so much fun! You are a great mom, Becky.