Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Days in a Row

I was trying to create a blog signature after being inspired by my friend Beth at, but I was not successful! I can't get the background of my signature to match my blog background. Oh well, it was fun trying to get it to work.

I am however successful at posting two days in a row. I don't have anything exciting to update about this morning. I had a nice early morning walk, made a pot of steaming coffee, and now I am going to enjoy a cup out on the deck before it gets too hot today.

We are planning a game day inside for the family. Our youngest is going to get a lesson in how to play RISK on the dining room table. I am not sure what else is in store for our last day of family vacation, maybe a little family ROCK Band. I am going to go make waffles and cook some link sausage now. I think I will make some brownies and some more sweet tea and maybe we will grill out marinated chicken breasts tonight. I have loved our five days of family vacation. Great food, lots of laughter and fun times this family vacation, and all at home! We also got to see more fireworks last night at the top of our street.

Tonight we will top it all off with new episodes of American Pickers and Pawn Stars! Happy July 5th and happy second day in a row blogging!


NCLighthousekeeper said...

On My Live Signature, if you are using the signature wizard, Step 4 is selecting the Background color and the Text color. There is a box to check for "transparent", which should let the background color of your blog show through.
Did you try that?

Becky said...

Thanks Beth I will try again!