Sunday, August 28, 2011

Migraines and Hurricane Irene

Our great state has just weathered Hurricane Irene who proved to be quite tenacious as she held on for all she was worth throughout the day on Saturday. As she pulled away last night and headed up the Eastern Seaboard she left behind reminders of her extended visit. For me that means another migraine headache.

It is getting so that I can forecast drops in the barometric pressure based on my headaches. I really thought that might be an old wives' tale but after researching and looking at articles I realize that there is some real truth to the headache-weather connection.

I am looking forward to a calm week weather wise in North Carolina. Watching the tropical update forecast, there is talk of a new depression just coming off of the coast of Africa. Hopefully it will stay far away from the East Coast and leave all those cleaning up after Irene alone.

I wonder if I should start naming my migraines? So long Irene.

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