Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift of a Christmas TEA

Well, another Lighthouse Homeschool Association Mom's Christmas Tea is in the books! What a wonderful time of blessing last night as Moms gathered to focus on "Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas" brought to us from the heart of God by Mariel Davenport of

Here is a summary of her talk- Using the letters in JESUS' name she refocused our hearts on the true meaning of Christmas. J-JOY, the joy we have in Christ, like the joy the angels spilled out from Heaven the first Christmas night. E-EVANGELIZE, the shepherds were the first evangelists, sharing what they experienced with everyone, just as we should share our personal encounters with God with those around us. S-SACRIFICE, Joseph sacrificed his rights in being Jesus' earthly father, Do we sacrifice for others in His name, or do we dwell in the world of self-pity? U-UNDERSTANDING Mary pondered all of the wondrous events of the first Christmas in her heart, as we need to pause and ponder God's gift to us this Christmas and finally S-SAVIOR, Jesus' name, a name above all names, still today His name is one to be in awe of, remembering that He grew from a baby in a manger to a Savior on the cross.

I have always enjoyed this special evening of fellowship and encouragement in my homeschooling group. Tables were decorated creatively with the beautiful colors of Christmas. Everything looked beautiful in the soft candlelight and shimmering gold and silver that filled the room. The food was delicious as always and the conversation was sweet. I got some fun ideas for decorating from all of the incredible displays.

I love getting lost in these type of delightful times of fellowship and love, and imagining that this is what HEAVEN will be like, everyone gathered together in, one accord and in fellowship and love, the rush and busyness of life melted away.

I truly feel that I unwrapped one of the very best gifts of this Christmas season. Thank you JESUS for friends, fellowship and most of all I thank you truly for the gift of your LIFE and for the second Christmas that is yet to come!

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