Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fabric, Buttons, and Foam Oh My!

I have a crazy confession. I am overwhelmed by fabric stores. When I walk in the store I see rows and rows of fabric and have no vision for what to do with any of it. Once when I was a teenager, my Mom and I chose fabric and even pinned it to a dress pattern and never realized the dream of the end product. It sold quite nicely at a yard sale to someone else who could realize our dream. I don't sew, I don't really craft and I so want to join the club!

This morning was different. I had the fun of going to a local fabric outlet store to choose some fabric for recovering loveseat cushions in our bonus/school room. I went with a friend that loves fabric and can see the vision and realize the dream. I have visited this store before, but not ever to actually be the person buying the fabric.

I had so much fun! There are rows and rows of fabrics of all kinds and colors and for every budget. Foam, buttons,cording,and tassels and every thing else fabric fill the space. This trip it all looked like possibilities. I had a very good guide who definitely knows her way around all things fabric. I saw lots of fabrics. One type of fabric had monkeys and palm trees while another fabric had big purple swirls with orange accents. Being pretty conservative in taste and knowing the cushions are on loveseats that teenage boys sit on frequently,I chose a chocolate brown herring bone pattern. I love it! I can get a pop of color with all kinds of different wacky pillows. I am excited to see how the cushions turn out for the room.

I had such a good time and the folks were so friendly and actually very funny. For sure next time I need to look at fabric, I won't be as nervous about heading to the store. I believe I can see the vision now and will realize my fabric dreams. What fun!

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NCLighthousekeeper said...

Chocolate brown herring bone sounds lovely! I love fabric stores - but the choices can be overwhelming and I definitely have to have a plan in mind before I go in. If you want to get your Crafty-self inspired, you definitely need to check out Pinterest! I love it!